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Friday, May 12, 2006

Do you know what is paypal ?

If you live in US, europe or another country that have high technology specially on security, cheap internet access cost and the most important is have clear and strong cyber law so you betcha you will get paypal access for your country

But no paypal for Indonesia, that mean paypal blacklisted indonesia in their network

Why paypal blacklisted indonesia ???

Because and the fact is:
- Indonesia dont have strong enough technology on internet security yet and many people (hacker and cracker) in indonesia do cyber crime like steal someone credit card number or money from internet banking, and more bad is the goverment in indonesia not seriouslly handle about cyber crime like this
- Internet access cost in indonesia still very expensive, in Indonesia if you wanna get internet access dial up 56 Kb for 1 hour you will be charge about Rp10.000 or $1 (a rate of exchange may 2006), but in US internet access dial up 56 Kb unlimited for free!! Many vendor or manufacture will give you internet access dial up 56 Kb unlimited for free with some easy agreement

So for those reason why paypal Co. until now dont wanna get indonesia on their network, Indonesia is not ready for paypal, Indonesia like virus if right now have paypal access for the rest of paypal Co. network, you dont wanna virus on yours system too, right ??


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